This Week’s Pile: Photoshop 1, anti bullying, and hidden phones.

J Crew at Bulova

I always love a ‘behind the scenes’ story… seeing product sketches, inspiration boards toppling with tear-outs, and the history behind things. Photo above is from J Crew’s visit to the NYC watchmaker Bulova headquarters. Below are some links to things you might find interesting. Come back next week for more, mostly design-related, but sometimes funny or practical things I’m reading/seeing. Ps. This column is named after the newspapers and letters that my step-dad would pile up in the kitchen every week for things he’s ‘going to get to reading soon’ (and saving the comics for me).

For laughs: When it took 25 minutes to make a drop shadow.
For design thoughts: Why Interaction Design does not need to be ‘delightful’.
To make you cry: Kids read ‘Mean Tweets’ about themselves – anti bullying ad by John St.
For meetings: Create a flexible and collaborative space with ‘Sparring’ style meetings.
To try: Communicate better by ignoring your smart phone. – If this is too harsh for you, I recommend just keeping your phone on silent. I never want mine to make noise so it’s been on silent for 5 years (except for morning alarms of course).

Phone link via Cup of Jo.

The Grindstone – 1


The Grindstone is a new series of posts featuring inspiring modern workplace fashion. To me, the modern workplace is a place where casual dress and fashionable choices meet to make you feel inspired, comfortable, and effortless throughout your workday. In a word, practical.

Starting off we have a classic black and white look…  my favourite since you can play with the details to create something that feels modern. Sneakers, buttoned up to the collar, with straight trousers – tomboy greatness all day.

Follow along with modern workwear inspiration on my Pinterest Board for The Grindstone.

All the Fun: Dumb Ways to Die

This sweet animated video shows you dumb ways to die and featurs the cutest cartoon dancing since Charlie Brown. The way this is animated is also so perfect, and charming, and cute. They’re all loveable dumb dumbs!

Happy Monday!

(Video: Dumb ways to die)