The Grindstone – 1


The Grindstone is a new series of posts featuring inspiring modern workplace fashion. To me, the modern workplace is a place where casual dress and fashionable choices meet to make you feel inspired, comfortable, and effortless throughout your workday. In a word, practical.

Starting off we have a classic black and white look…  my favourite since you can play with the details to create something that feels modern. Sneakers, buttoned up to the collar, with straight trousers – tomboy greatness all day.

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All the Fun: Dumb Ways to Die

This sweet animated video shows you dumb ways to die and featurs the cutest cartoon dancing since Charlie Brown. The way this is animated is also so perfect, and charming, and cute. They’re all loveable dumb dumbs!

Happy Monday!

(Video: Dumb ways to die)

Scared Stupid

Are you having a tough day? (Me too)

(Let’s do this list together and maybe it won’t be the worst)

1. Hear the encouraging things people are saying to you.
2. Try to think nice things.
3. Watch YouTube videos of cows that like jazz and good covers of Robyn.
3. Feel slightly better (which is better than not).
4. Freak out anyway because that just must happen.
5. Try, try again

Good luck! (Wish me luck too)

Image by Ben Barry, video by Notebook Babies.