Also framed on my living room wall

On a recent bus trip into Newmarket this picture was traced onto a mural.
Next to it, it read: ‘Ernie Coombs 1927 – 2001′. Kind of an unfortunate name. But endearing like a blind pigeon. Mr. Dressup was better than sesame street. I said it. It was Canadian, so that is rare for a hit tv series. But, it lacked gross bad-attitude-having mold monsters living in garbage cans.

Favorite thing I learned today: The puppet on the left (Casey) is purposefully sexually ambiguous so that a child of either sex can identify with it. And instead of throwing retiring characters down elevator shafts or into comas they gradually phased them out and said they had gone to kindergarten. That kind of makes Kindergarten sound like a place where you can’t play anymore. Little creepy.

Whatever. My first orthodontist had Mr. Dressup’s original drawing of ‘things with wheels’


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