Matt & Kim and You and I.

Went and saw Matt and Kim the super fantastic duo from Brooklyn NY. It was neat. Before they came on though, two boys from I-don’t-know-where played some strange mixes of things and one very special song about birds chirping. In the end it turned out their name was Best Fwends and they worshiped the devil. Not something to bring home to mother, but an interesting thing to watch people dance to.

Back to the Matt and Kim now! She sits her teeney tiny self down in the drumset and then beats it as if she were a 500 lb man (so says Matt). For this gig she wore a zebra ‘cougar shirt’. Hot. Bonus points: She smiles the entire time and has a hard to rock hairdo that really works. Matt is a sweaty, smiley, dancey, mass of energy who happened to unintentionally crowd surf.

All in all. A good night.
Except that it is now round two.

Kegger time.


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