Some Facehunter Hotness


Oh wow. I am watching Monsters Inc. and browsing Face Hunter.
Procrastination never was so stylish/monstery.
Loving the scaled tights.


2 thoughts on “Some Facehunter Hotness

  1. you know i’d be in love with the boy. well, not really. just his stylin-ness and maybe hair. but he kind of looks like a girl. or should be the singer for a little british indie poprock band (see, the kooks). i kind of see a lot of these boys, i think they’re only made in the uk.

  2. Ha! His girly-ness is real, but he’s a cutie none-the-less. Jealous of you seeing a lot of them. I will live vicariously through you and facehunter. Bring some home for cross breeding in Canada

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