It’s Not Thursday

but I am going to make a little list of things I love, just because I want to. (The inspiration is ‘Things I love Thursdays from iCing, who also has an amazing list of 100 things to do when you’re upset.)


excited puppies
cheap bakery food from China town
my friends
watching free tv on the internet
knowing things will always get better
surprises that make you cry (with happiness)
acts of kindness
comfortable loafers
my new fur hat
mitten gloves I took from my Dad’s house that are old and falling apart but are amazing because you can open them up to use your fingers (so lame, but whatever)
my fake Chanel ring that fell apart : (
having people around
my cat-on-loan head knocking me when he want affection (if only everyone was that easy to read)
stories from my childhood

Enough for now. There is more love to come.

Photo from Awkward Family Photos


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