My Parents Were Awesome

A blog that celebrates how awesome and cool our parents were (and are) back in their day. These are a few I particularly loved. My Parents Were Awesome is awesome. In a way, it celebrates love stories and youth and appreciation and I love it, it makes me feel good inside. Wonderfully, enchantingly romantic. Love stories shared are my favorite, even if it is only a little piece.


Ken and Susan. Best.


Bob and Diane, so sexy and summer. Gingham and Plaid!


Dusan and Milk, subtle and cute and passionate.


Joe and Lois (and Erik), love the lawn portrait! (Does anyone know what kind of dog this is?)


Jerry and Dora. My favorite. Love the expressions and how everything is perfectly exploding from the starburst in the backdrop. I think this most reminds me of now.


2 thoughts on “My Parents Were Awesome

  1. Cute!
    Ohhh. The One Chair portrait! haha, those are always weird to me. If the dude is standing its looks so Dad–ish, and if the girl is standing it kind of looks rude, like he demand sandwiches and tea from her all the time.

  2. Omgosh, I LOVE these! I absolutely love looking at the old pictures of my parents…back when my mom wore these teeny-tiny babydoll dresses – and let me tell you, if I wore something so short, she wouldn’t let me out of the house!
    These are all just beyond lovely.

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