A little bit


It’s been a crazy week. In honor of it being done here are a few ways I am celebrating right now… well not number three… yet

1. Buying lots of pretty magazines like this October 2009 Australian Vogue (holy shipping delay!), and the new Elle and Elle Canada. I really like Elle, it’s just… grown on me so much. Plus the creative director Joe Zee is a fav and is everywhere all at once. Check out his great NY Diet post and then spend another 2 hours reading about what people eat in New York.

2. Downloading free fonts from Font Fabric and dafont.

3. Buying and popping champagne (aka $12 Spumante Bambino, watch an aweful/hilarious commercial here). Even the cheapest kind is packaged in a way that makes you feel like a million bucks. Gold foil anyone? Image from weheartit.

Tomorrow, themes and props I love in photoshoots: a list! (Next semester has me thinking a lot about it since I will be art directing a shoot for a double page spread (featuring a Ryerson fashion design grad) that has about a 1 in 20 chance at being published in Flare Magazine. I am so excited.

I also want to eat this picture it is so freaking good.


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