By the way

Did I mention I saw The September Issue, which was amazing and comforting and so blissful that I curled up on my seat and forgot I was in a theatre. Oh yes, and Jeanne Beker was there!

Beforehand we (friends and I, not me and Jeanne) went to 7 West and it was so good. Great little rooms and perfectly spaced tables in a cozy 3 storey house. The drinks were a little more expensive than I am used to but, it redeems itself by being open 24 hours a day seven days a week. I recommend it for a night out or a cute date. Sometimes I get quite pissed when the music in restaurants is so loud I can’t hear anything, but Β it was perfect there…

I’ve lived in Toronto for almost 4 years, but I know few hole in the wall places. Share your favorite place?

image: I think from misswallflower


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