Sweet Leek Pie

With leftover turkey from Christmas. Gravy, leeks, puff pastry… thank you Jamie Oliver, it is freaking delicious, the recipes is here at 2:30. I made it with my lovely lady friend Kitty who also took me on my first ever trip to (pricey) Whole Foods. A day of foodie firsts and great leftovers for tomorrow morning. Eat these pictures yo.

I got some sweet new filters for my camera for Christmas, and some other sweet ass stuff. It was a sweet one this year. Anyway, I’m learning to use them. Sweet.

3 thoughts on “Sweet Leek Pie

  1. Thanks! I tried sending them to you but your email does not have enough room… and then I sent you an email saying that, ha. I think my stuff goes into your junkmail. Anyway, steal them off of here or clear your inbox baby!

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