2010 indeed

This new years was a good one, someone told me that where you are and what you’re doing on New Years tells a little story about how the rest of your year will unwind. New Years Dec 2008 I was surrounded by fun people and delicious food, but I wasn’t doing what I wanted, I was just kind of going along with things. And my year did end up being not the best in ways that I won’t go into now. The recent new years was safe and a lot of fun and then risky and amazing. It was impulsive and indulgent and strange, I’m quite excited to see how 2010 will interpret this for me. After the ball dropped I was making my way home on public transit and tons of people were screaming and talking about how ‘2009 was shit’. I don’t totally agree, but 2010, we are all definitely raising our expectations this year.

Here is a little oil on canvas and installation art from 김한나 Hanna Kim


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