I mentioned earlier that Christmas was very good to me this year. Santa baby gave me what I hope is the beginnings of a well used and loved collection of cooking things. In my quest to start eating better and cooking more adventurously (and often) I realized I was missing a few essential (read: basic) tools and so, thank you everyone, here are some of the wondrous newcomers to my kitchen:

-a MICROPLANER! (Sorry, just got it yesterday, still really excited)
-a wooden cutting board
-an immersion blender
-wine glasses (yes it’s true, I was drinking wine out of mugs and juice cups before now)
-some storage canisters to keep the delicious away from the pests
-knives (from the dollar store, but more useful than our butter-knives)

I have already made potato leek soup with the leftovers from that pie, this hummus (except the store was out of every brand of cumin! wtf!), drank some wine, stored some shit, and cut some stuff. I love having toys to play with.


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