Frank decisions

Whenever I walk down the street I pass a magazine shop that carries international issues of all of my lovely indulgences like Lula, Vogue, and Frankie. Lately though (slowly in the last 3 years), my sweet Frankie has been disappearing from shop shelves and giving me a sad face whenever I optimistically try to buy one. Sick of the tease I decided to give myself a VERY early birthday present and finally subscribe. Ah, wonder. Looking forward to seeing you soon my aqueous coated sarcastic cutey of a friend (that always brings me an art poster!).

Also, I am really digging jars right now. I was at a party thrown by a stylish man who had clear jars everywhere holding candles and drinks. That was maybe a year ago? Yeah it kind of affected me, it was so pretty. So I began saving them last week, I have 4 so far. Yay. (First photo via a man’s Flickr all of the rest from weheartit.


4 thoughts on “Frank decisions

  1. You need magazine addicts anonymous! lol
    Speaking of jars, my momma sent me a bunch of dried mango slices and I put them in a jar. I should take a pic and blag it.

  2. I saved a bunch of jars and then they all smelt like pickles and garlic tomatoes! Must finish jam to have cute portable jar that does not leech weird smells!

    rrrrbody says Blag!?

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