I used to think that going to the laundromat would be fun. Meet strangers, do laundry in public, people watching and reading magazines. And it WAS pretty fun the first few times. I went with my roommate and we would get snacks and go for walks and read free magazines.

Now it’s lost all of it’s charm. Now doing laundry means carting my dirty clothes into public despite wind, snow or hail (well, really if it’s hailing then I say ‘fuck laundry’). Using up all my awesome quarters just so I can appear tidy. Having to be sneaky and steal the single table and pair of chairs for myself, so I don’t have to stand in dryer isle like a sucker. Trying not to use the dingy old wheel-y laundry baskets. Finding strange leftovers in my load from other peoples washes…

Yeah laundry, I used to love you. But you’ve changed.

Belle & Sebastian – The Blues are Still Blue


2 thoughts on “Laundromat

    • I need in-suite laundry in my next place. We actually have a washing machine here, but it floods the house, shorts the power and I think a mouse lives in it. (It’s that big white thing behind the fridge and counter)

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