Apparently it’s Blogtober?

I miss my computer. SP has been letting me use hers when she is out, so that’s nice. And on that note, maybe you should visit the internet places of some of my friends because they are awesome…

Seasonal Fruit – Nostalgic film photos from the life of the mysterious Elissa Pearl Matthews (Photo above by her too).

Bicyclette – Follow energetic Paige as she builds an independent fashion boutique from the ground up. Street style meets fairytale.

Iveta Karpathyova Blog – Fashion and photography inspiration plus some of the most fucking amazing fashion illustrations done by Iveta herself.

Pizzaburritto – You’ll find music, baby animals, foods, funnies, boys, Canadiana, and arts things.

Scarf Turbans and Sequin Brassieres – A very detailed account of world travels from the perspective of a fashion grad.

Koolberg – Comedy, culture, music things, and videos that are actually funny.

The Puritan Impulse – Discussions on fashion, lifestyle, film, modernity, feminism… Not safe for work.

Role Models – Inspiring reading about distinguished ladies.

Kavisolo – Music and culture bits and pieces from days and nights in the life of Torontonian, and man-about-town, Kavi.

Bits and Bobs – Sandy Joe photographs her outfits and gives you a serving of wit on the side.

Photo by Elissa.

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