Fill in the blank Friday

1. I wish: I could not be afraid of snakes and be able to eat (lots) of cheese.

2. Yesterday I: got tipsy with my roommate while watching ’30 Rock’ and ‘The Office’. We ended up playing her one Christmas 8-track while decorating the living room ceiling with paper snowflakes and stars. It looks really really neat.

3. Today I will: go for drinks and hopefully not freeze to death. I hope our new modem was delivered today so I can go on the internet at home again.

4. Tomorrow I will: eat eggs and then get on a bus to Kitchener-Waterloo for a thrift shopping, home town, present finding weekend.

5. Maybe: I will be able to convince an old friend to join me for hot chocolate while I’m home (Looking at you SC!).

6. Someday I will: remember to pack a lunch.

7. I love: sleepovers, baby animals, girls nights with wine and olives and cheese, my tiny big sister, my tall little brother, thrift hunting, oldies, free food, fancy salads, granny smith apples, sweet potatoes, (I could list food forever)…

What are your weekend plans? Fill in the Blank Fridays by The Little Things we Do.


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