Sit, stay, play

I like these dogs. They live in cool houses and are big enough to scare away intruders (hopefully). In my opinion, dogs should be able to contribute to the household by being big ol’ running smiling security guards who play fetch and bark at snakes. Working dogs. It’s a thing.

I would like a dog one day. Probably.

Speaking of dogs with jobs… Did you know you can raise a puppy and do good at the same time? You can raise a Service Dog! My family and I did. His name was Kramer (yes after Seinfeld) and he was a big giant golden retriever who is now a companion for an Autistic child. It was a super fun, super feel-good thing to do, and now Kramer and his kid are insanely connected. If you’re thinking about raising a service dog and you live in Canada you can contact National Service Dogs or Autism Dog Services for more info.

Dog portraits by Winnie Au. (Also see her ‘Trekkies‘ portraits. Fun times)

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