Nadine Olivia

It’s time for some warmth and adventure. These images are making me so nostalgic for summertime and super dark nights around a smokey campfire with my feet up in the lawn chair just in case there are snakes nearby.

The first photo reminds me of one of my favorite parts of working as yearbook editor during my last year of high school. I had two jobs and woke up early to bike to my school and finish the book. On the way there I hoofed it up a GIANT hill just so I could ride through a tiny little wood that had a system of wooden boardwalks through it. I barely saw anyone else. I could pretend to be a hardcore mountain biker splashing through the mud and carrying my bike over broken pieces of path… It was always SO hot, so great. (Dear bike, I’m sorry I left you out all winter)

Tiny little pleasures.

Images from Nadine Olivia.

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