This Week’s Pile: Photoshop 1, anti bullying, and hidden phones.

J Crew at Bulova

I always love a ‘behind the scenes’ story… seeing product sketches, inspiration boards toppling with tear-outs, and the history behind things. Photo above is from J Crew’s visit to the NYC watchmaker Bulova headquarters. Below are some links to things you might find interesting. Come back next week for more, mostly design-related, but sometimes funny or practical things I’m reading/seeing. Ps. This column is named after the newspapers and letters that my step-dad would pile up in the kitchen every week for things he’s ‘going to get to reading soon’ (and saving the comics for me).

For laughs: When it took 25 minutes to make a drop shadow.
For design thoughts: Why Interaction Design does not need to be ‘delightful’.
To make you cry: Kids read ‘Mean Tweets’ about themselves – anti bullying ad by John St.
For meetings: Create a flexible and collaborative space with ‘Sparring’ style meetings.
To try: Communicate better by ignoring your smart phone. – If this is too harsh for you, I recommend just keeping your phone on silent. I never want mine to make noise so it’s been on silent for 5 years (except for morning alarms of course).

Phone link via Cup of Jo.


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