All the Fun: Dumb Ways to Die

This sweet animated video shows you dumb ways to die and featurs the cutest cartoon dancing since Charlie Brown. The way this is animated is also so perfect, and charming, and cute. They’re all loveable dumb dumbs!

Happy Monday!

(Video: Dumb ways to die)


A light fire

Like a sticky sweet breeze during a hot summer afternoon; these images stir something up in me. I hate the idea of ‘too much of a good thing’, absolutely hate it. Also, happy ‘Ides of March’ everyone.

First image from Stefan Giftthaler’s seriously beautiful series Night Light. I had trouble choosing just one shot.

Second image is a still from the Viva ‘Fire’ by Umeric.

(Don’t hate me for maybe wrongly using a semicolon, I’ll figure it out one day)