Gift Guide: The Starlet Stylist

(Hi! I decided to share my holiday ‘Wish List’ this year, and it morphed into a gift guide for some very stylish women. I’m the kind of person who ends up buying presents for myself while shopping for others… and so this year (to save cash and stave off guilt), I’ll be sharing all of my favorite things here!)

This gift guide is for the naturally elegant girl who gets dressed up at every opportunity. She wears her heart on her sleeve and dips her inner tomboy in gold.

1. Sesame jasper necklace from one of my all time favorite jewerlly designers The Vamoose. Oooh, think of how effortless and beautiful this would look with #6, #10 and a white tee shirt and jeans! £32.00

2. Pretty pretty pretty fine art antler print, for the woodsy princesses. $30.00

3. Intricate and unique gold and crystal barnacle ring. So so cool. If it wasn’t out of my price-range I would buy it and make my current favorite ring it’s best friend. $?

4. Get some Hollywood spotlight with an industrial style vintage lamp. (Similar here and here)

5. Vintage gold cocktail glasses for the after-party. (Similar here)

6. Smoking Slippers for instant sparkle (and a menswear touch). $150

7. Is it possible to be elegantly badass? Yes. Add edge to your Christmas sweater with a shark tooth necklace. $130

8. The perfect simple party dress for all of the seasonal celebrating. $262

9. Me and You pencils to inspire your inner romantic. $12

10. Join the timeless trend of all movie starlets with red lipstick. Not sure which colour is best? A beauty editor claims this colour is perfect on everyone.

This is the last gift guide in my series this year, hope you all found something to give or be inspired by!

Click image to enlarge.

Energetic Nights

Tonight I’m looking forward to a warm dinner with some good friends. I’d love to wear the above outfit with that sculpted wood Donna Karen Clutch, but in reality I’ll be getting ready, and dancing around, to this firecracker of a collaboration:

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga – The Lady is a Tramp

Images found via Le Fashion & Lace and Tea.

Camp Funtime

This weekend I am going to catch up on some sleep… and also have a pre-birthday party… Not sure that those two go together.

During Mardi Gras last week I had made a ‘recession piñata’* at the office but we forgot to use it so I’m bringing it home to hang up to hopefully then be destroyed/eaten on Saturday. Right now I am eating a Blue Raspberry ring pop that I took from the loot before stuffing it. I’m greedy like that.

In other news: I can sort of whistle now (this is BIG BIG NEWS, for me)! I have to pretend that I am blowing on a make-up brush for it to work, but gosh darn-it it works!

Have a great weekend!

Sidenote: we should start using ‘camp funtime’ as some kind of euphemism. As in, “Hey, what did you and Molly get up to this weekend?”, “Not much, just pitched a tent at ‘camp funtime’ and watched The Shawshank Redemption.”

Image of Deborah Harry found posted in Arcade Agency’s News section. Yonge Street Subway Station, 1966, image from the Toronto Archives, via Blog TO.

*A Recession Piñata: is when you make a piñata out of the most basic supplies available. My version was two pieces of paper stapled together to create a sort of pouch which was then reinforced with more paper and more staples, then hung with a string.

Girls about town

Now that the weather is warming up I’m going to stop wearing the same outfit over and over and over. These are just some pretty ladies doing whatever before they do their model thing.

The effortless Andreea Diaconu Via Le Fashion and Arizona and Freja via GO Backstage.

Khaki Vacation

Trying to decide where and how I want to spend my first international (Not North America) vacation. If it turns out to be anywhere outback-y then I will definitely be borrowing the messy pony and hiking boot / dusty red sock combo from the first image. Also wouldn’t mind borrowing the dude and silver boom box.

Photo from the July 1981 issue of GQ and Photo of Jane Goodall by Hugo Van Lawick/National Geographic, 1974. Both photos found via Tomboy Style.

Richard Haines

I have such a crush on this drawing. It’s embarrassing.

Richard Haines is a fashion illustrator in New York. He draws what he sees and loves and is inspired by… which I think is the case for any passionate illustrator. Still, he is doing it CONSTANTLY and I hope this inspires me to draw daily. It is so great to see an energetically passionate and friendly character enjoying themselves in the (sometimes very harsh) fashion industry.

Video clip created by Fashion Television.