Work + Life with Julie Ross, Culture Coordinator @ I Love Travel

Julie is one of my favourite people ever… she has such an infectious positivity and fierce humour that the first time I met her I knew that I needed to be her friend. We met while working together at the student travel company I Love Travel, where Julie is responsible for the hundreds of little things that turn ‘work’ into a place to grow, learn, and create lifelong friendships. She has been nicknamed “Julie Ross Christmas” for her love of the holiday, and she is so beloved at work that she gets marriage proposals regularly. Read on to hear which companies inspire her and some [good] advice on finding your dream job.


Who: Julie Ross
What: Culture Coordinator
Where: I Love Travel in Toronto
Education: Recreation & Leisure Diploma, Sir Sandford Fleming College

What does it mean to be a Culture Coordinator? A Culture Coordinator is someone who works with everyone in an organization, and is constantly improving, engaging, and focusing on the happiness and well-being of the employee. This could be anything from a small gesture like gifting a surprise coffee in the morning, or bigger things like making sure reviews happen on time and helping employees feel confident and valued in their roles. Companies are realizing more and more how important it is to keep their staff happy to continue growing and being successful! We spend so much of our lives at work, so it makes sense to make every day an amazing experience. Some of my co-workers joke that I’m the “Spiritual Leader” of the company!


How do you make every day amazing for your co-workers? Every morning I sit down at our reception desk for the first two hours of the day. I absolutely love this because I get to greet everyone as they enter the office, and I know that I will get to talk to every single person in the office every morning. Every day is different for me. I spend a lot of time interacting with staff, answering their questions, helping them, on-boarding new employees, and working on some sort of cute surprise almost every single day!

How do you and your team work together to support your goals for company culture? My team has changed a lot over my four and a half years at I Love Travel, but we have always been a small yet powerful crew. The Talent Team (my team) acts as a huge support for everyone, and we strive to have all the answers and be a positive force for the company. We divide and conquer… we all have our strengths and tasks that we focus on individually, but when it comes to something big (like planning a company-wide conference), we always absolutely crush it as a team. My boss Jay Hamilton is amazing and I call him my “Culture Guru” because I can go to him with any crazy idea I have and he’ll be willing to listen. One of my colleagues comes from a background of teaching and event planning so we work closely together and I learn a lot about “getting stuff done” from her!

Julie talking with the Talent Team at the front desk

Julie talking with some of the Talent Team at the front desk

How did your internships help you find your career path? For my undergrad internship I worked at a resort in Orlando, Florida with other students from all around the world. I was an Activities Coordinator working with youth and planning events and activities for the guests. Meeting people from other countries and learning about their cultures was an amazing experience and solidified the fact that no matter where I ended up, I wanted to be working with people and having fun!

Where did you work before you started at I Love Travel? Did you always know you wanted to work with people? ALWAYS! I’ve done so many jobs involving working with people, I worked at camp for five years, I worked at a retirement home, at a hotel, a number of retail jobs when I was young, a pre-school, and on a cruise ship. No matter what, it always came down with spending time with people and doing everything I could to make a positive impact on their lives. Just before getting a job at I Love Travel I was working reception at a salon downtown where I learned a lot about Customer Service and multi-tasking. Before that I was working as a Youth Counsellor on a cruise ship. My role now is really relatable to when I worked on the ship, even though now my job is to engage with adults, a lot of the planning and strategies are similar. Preparing for my current role was all about having a wide variety of experience working with people and always putting a focus on being positive and making people happy.

Photo: Pete Whish

Photo: Pete Whish

Your job is all about making people happy every day… what part of your role makes you especially happy? Creating a personal relationship with every person in our company is very special. I can truly say that I have created a bond with every single person I work with (approx 100). I love getting to know everyone; making sure I spend time every day talking to them, supporting them, and knowing about them on a personal level. I LOVE the people I work with so much. Something really fun or special happens every day, and that is not something you can find everywhere.

Sharing the love around the office

Sharing the love around the office

In a role that is all about keeping positive and promoting a healthy corporate culture, how do you deal with difficult days or situations at work? Staff turnover is always a challenge. I personally meet with every staff before their last day to get feedback. We have a good chat and I find out what we can do to improve in the future. I am a very positive person, but I do have tough days. When I have a difficult day I do my best to still do everything with a smile. If I am upset, people most definitely know it, but since it’s my job to make people happy I want to make sure that is always my focus no matter what kind of day I am having.

What companies inspire you? Zappos is a really cool company and they are always ahead of the game when it comes to company culture – they are the first place I remember discovering that actually had a culture in the workplace. Any company that I see making a constant effort at bettering their workplace, their perks, and the overall experience of their staff is a place I truly adore. Personally for my life outside of work and my blog/social media I love the brand Bando; they are so consistent, adorable, and fabulous in all they do, and Jen Gotch, the founder, is literally a walking party! [Editors note: these inspire me too! Highly recommended!]

Julie's desk is always filled with cute things and love notes from co-workers

Julie’s desk is always filled with cute things and sweet notes from co-workers

What excites you about the future of corporate culture? Things are always changing and evolving… I love learning about new companies, roles, and advancements in how culture affects the success of the company while providing amazing experiences for employees. The way people apply to, and obtain jobs, has changed over the years and will continue to evolve. I love the idea of networking and thinking outside the box when it comes to landing your dream job! I think getting creative, making an effort, and taking a chance on something you’re interested in goes a long way.

You see all the applications coming in and out of your company, and meet hundreds of people a year trying to find their dream job… what advice would you give job seekers? Always be learning, and meeting new people. These days it’s so important to make connections with people no matter the circumstance, you never know where that person works or who they might know. Spend your free time working on something that inspires you and has you working towards a personal goal that can be related back to your career in some way. Keep learning, taking courses, reading and keeping yourself inspired every day!

How do you handle the idea of a ‘work/life balance’? I’m an organized person with a very busy schedule! It’s important to me to make time to do all the things that I love, which means spending time with my future hubby, my family and my friends, celebrating with people I love, getting crafty and creative, blogging, travelling, and exploring Toronto. As much as I love keeping busy, I also really like a quiet night a home, spending time in my craft room, and just relaxing and re-grouping. Sometimes I need to cancel plans or schedule some “me time” if I am feeling really overwhelmed and I need to refresh. Having at least one day a week to accomplish things you really want and need to do is also a lovely thing.

Anything exciting that you’re working on right now that you can share? At I Love Travel we’re re-vamping our on-boarding process and orientation for new staff. I’ve taken over this process in the last few years, and it’s constantly improving. We want to make our on-boarding process like no other, and have new staff saying “I am SO glad I work here!”. Personally I’m also a big believer in engaging in creative interests outside of work; I’m a blogger, crafter, lover of sparkles, and try to spread positivity anywhere I can! So I am beyond excited that I just launched a campaign with Etsy Canada where I’m guiding people through opening their own Etsy store in time for Christmas!

Photo: Etsy Canada

Photo: Etsy Canada

How do you make your [amazing] personal style blend with the dress code at your work? We are a very casual and laid back office, which is so nice. I am generally a pretty fun and colourful dresser and I feel like that matches my role here. I love that I can be myself every day and wear something that reflects my personality!I generally feel comfortable wearing something really cute, fun and most likely covered in polka dots or hearts. We also do fun theme days at work where everyone dresses up and we take photo’s together, this is something I obviously LOVE to do!

Any final advice or words of wisdom?: It’s okay to not know the exact role you want during school or even after you’re graduated. It took me a lot of different jobs and adventures before I found where I feel I am meant to be. Back when I graduated I didn’t even know that being a “Culture Coordinator” or anything like it existed, and now I am seeing roles like this come up all over the place. Stick it out, keep learning and experiencing new things, and you will find what you truly love.

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Daily Colours

Wishing everyone a colourful weekend!

Art by britt bass via designlovefest, Jewelery by Kim Dulaney via Oh Joy!, and wedding stationary by Rifle Paper Co via Once Wed.

Gift Guide: The Starlet Stylist

(Hi! I decided to share my holiday ‘Wish List’ this year, and it morphed into a gift guide for some very stylish women. I’m the kind of person who ends up buying presents for myself while shopping for others… and so this year (to save cash and stave off guilt), I’ll be sharing all of my favorite things here!)

This gift guide is for the naturally elegant girl who gets dressed up at every opportunity. She wears her heart on her sleeve and dips her inner tomboy in gold.

1. Sesame jasper necklace from one of my all time favorite jewerlly designers The Vamoose. Oooh, think of how effortless and beautiful this would look with #6, #10 and a white tee shirt and jeans! £32.00

2. Pretty pretty pretty fine art antler print, for the woodsy princesses. $30.00

3. Intricate and unique gold and crystal barnacle ring. So so cool. If it wasn’t out of my price-range I would buy it and make my current favorite ring it’s best friend. $?

4. Get some Hollywood spotlight with an industrial style vintage lamp. (Similar here and here)

5. Vintage gold cocktail glasses for the after-party. (Similar here)

6. Smoking Slippers for instant sparkle (and a menswear touch). $150

7. Is it possible to be elegantly badass? Yes. Add edge to your Christmas sweater with a shark tooth necklace. $130

8. The perfect simple party dress for all of the seasonal celebrating. $262

9. Me and You pencils to inspire your inner romantic. $12

10. Join the timeless trend of all movie starlets with red lipstick. Not sure which colour is best? A beauty editor claims this colour is perfect on everyone.

This is the last gift guide in my series this year, hope you all found something to give or be inspired by!

Click image to enlarge.

Gift Guide: The Hibernating Stylist

(Hi! I decided to share my holiday ‘Wish List’ this year, and it morphed into a gift guide for some very stylish women. I’m the kind of person who ends up buying presents for myself while shopping for others… and so this year (to save cash and stave off guilt), I’ll be sharing all of my favorite things here!)

This gift guide is for the kind of girl who likes to curl up and watch a movie with wine, friends and homemade baked goods. Here are some cozy things to make her time spent indoors more warm and fuzzy. Home is where the heat is.

1. The appropriately named Dream Cardigan. $98

2. The best looking lounging pants I’ve ever seen. (Currently in my online shopping cart). $59.50

3. Faux vintage kitchen timer for all those home made gifts and midnight cookie baking indulgences. $12.89

4. A gorgeous moon print to make the weeks of long winter nights seem like an artful experience. $35

5. My apartment is so cold that I do a hoppy dance called “The-kitchen-tile-is-freezing”. These slippers would be a (cute!) lifesaver. $45.50

6. For those times when venturing outside into the ‘real’ world is absolutely necessary, rubber rain boots c. $165

7. Illustrated branch and love note decal to add sweetness to rental walls. Love this. $40.00

8. An “It’s OK” banner to act as a positive reminder of nice things. $45

Click image to enlarge.

Fill in the Blank Friday

Totally digging this multi-layered and multi-coloured heart collage by Esther Ramirez. It’s whimsical and arty without being all ‘barfy romantic*’.

1. Waking up at the break of dawn to go shopping is my idea of: a good strategy… on any other day of the year other than Black Friday. I like having the shop to myself, no lineups, and all the sizes available.

2. If I were to go shopping today I would be on the hunt for: … dinner.

3. The best thing I ate yesterday was: “Fridge Cleaner” pasta which contained the remnants of my shopping: celery, carrots, bacon, garlic, and spaghetti tossed with beef stock and lots of oregano (because the lid accidentally fell off).

4. Something I’ve been learning lately is: that I love having a regular 9-5 job and daily office interaction with awesome humans.

5. I cannot start my day without: breakfast. I will get seriously crazy on you.

6. My nighttime attire consists of: clothes (or lack there of) that I would never wear in public.

7. I am looking forward to the weekend: so that I can recharge, make plans for the coming week, and organize all my loose ends into awesome check marks on a ‘to do’ list.

Happy Weekend internet Dudes.

Fill in the Blank Friday by The Little Things We Do.

*’Barfy Romantic’ is a descriptive phrase that needs to be added to the English language. It describes that kind of nauseating feeling that causes you to turn your head away from kissing scenes in too-cheesy romantic comedies. (Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE romantic comedies but, there is a fine line between ‘Awe’ and ‘Ugh’!)