Daily Colours

Wishing everyone a colourful weekend!

Art by britt bass via designlovefest, Jewelery by Kim Dulaney via Oh Joy!, and wedding stationary by Rifle Paper Co via Once Wed.


Steve Kim

Paintings by Steve Kim. He has some very interesting work. I’m really drawn to his restraint and geometric emptiness. The selective colour palettes are my favorite, the colour blocking style of painting, the thin narrative lines continually leading your eyes into the sweet spots. I posted about Steve before, but I love how his work is changing.

Sometimes, my interest catches in what the artist leaves out.

Via Booooooom.

It’s in the Strokes

I love seeing the personality of the artist come through in the line work of their drawings. That’s another reason sketchbooks are so exciting. The process, the mistakes, the overlapping ideas… It’s a reminder to experiment and get messy. No one has to see the ugly bits.

Artwork (from top to bottom) created by Jen Collins and Caitlin Shearer and Adara Sánchez Anguiano.

It’s a Monday

Hello Monday. You are not so bad. I wish you gave me tomato soup and a grilled cheese but I forgive you. By the way, I don’t think I’ll ever dye my hair again no matter how gorgeous it sometimes seems.

Via Dirty Pretty Things and La Douleur Exquise I think.