Mr. Moustache

Hey, look at this neat stuff from Mr. Moustache. I like his vintage outlines, yellow fades and way with anatomy.

Sweet Leek Pie

With leftover turkey from Christmas. Gravy, leeks, puff pastry… thank you Jamie Oliver, it is freaking delicious, the recipes is here at 2:30. I made it with my lovely lady friend Kitty who also took me on my first ever trip to (pricey) Whole Foods. A day of foodie firsts and great leftovers for tomorrow morning. Eat these pictures yo.

I got some sweet new filters for my camera for Christmas, and some other sweet ass stuff. It was a sweet one this year. Anyway, I’m learning to use them. Sweet.

All the cool girls


Hello! photo taken from Wildfox Couture . I’m not sure if I love the clothes or  if mostly I am just swayed by the beautiful way they capture them on camera…  Very Nylon mag, very Chloe, very ‘sexy girl about town with effortless styling’ to covet.

Notes to self. Buy above bathing suit next summer, and learn to be wildfox sex kitten photogenic. (site found through the inspiring and delicate posts of Paige from bicyclette, wink!)