The Office Gift Guide – For your boss



This person might be the trickiest one on your holiday gifting list. You can’t buy a gift card, jewelry is too personal, and something generic is worse than nothing at all. Pro tip, avoid buy anything that involves choosing a size, or something that would be difficult to hide if they don’t like it. The idea here is to show appreciation and thought. Your gift should be personal or not at all. So here’s a list ways to be thoughtful and affordable (because honestly… they know how much you make).

1. A kind and sincere holiday card is the most meaningful thing on this list. Adding a message of your support, gratitude, or a fun memory will go a long way for holiday cheer. Simple.

2. Another affordable but heart-warming gesture is baking up some homemade treats. You and your boss spend long meetings together, order take-out some days, and snack on the same things — so you know the kind of treats that they run to during that 4 o-clock wall (and you probably know if their allergies). Classic chocolate chip cookies or some really good banana bread are safe bets. If they aren’t fond of sweets, try a bag of fancy coffee beans instead.

3. If we learned anything from Master of None, it’s that a fancy candle can go a long way in a small space like an office. Plus it’s fun to smell all the candles while you’re shopping.

4. Most people, no matter the pay-grade, appreciate indulging in fancy versions of everyday items. Switch up their kitchen routine with a small splurge on a shelf stable item like seasonal jam or olive oil. For bonus points attach a simple recipe that showcases the ingredient.

5. Use some of that personal knowledge you have from years of working together and get them a classic record for their underused record player, or pull from an inside joke and get them something weird to make them smile.

If none of these ideas fit the bill, look for something local and support a small business in your neighborhood. If you’re in Toronto, check out some of my favourites; Lost & Found, Easy Tiger, and Good Egg.

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Frank decisions

Whenever I walk down the street I pass a magazine shop that carries international issues of all of my lovely indulgences like Lula, Vogue, and Frankie. Lately though (slowly in the last 3 years), my sweet Frankie has been disappearing from shop shelves and giving me a sad face whenever I optimistically try to buy one. Sick of the tease I decided to give myself a VERY early birthday present and finally subscribe. Ah, wonder. Looking forward to seeing you soon my aqueous coated sarcastic cutey of a friend (that always brings me an art poster!).

Also, I am really digging jars right now. I was at a party thrown by a stylish man who had clear jars everywhere holding candles and drinks. That was maybe a year ago? Yeah it kind of affected me, it was so pretty. So I began saving them last week, I have 4 so far. Yay. (First photo via a man’s Flickr all of the rest from weheartit.