Itsuko Suzuki

Look at that little white dog swimming to the edge of the pool! Go dog go! If this doesn’t make you want to go swimming then you are a heartless melty ice cream.

Sweet little animal scene by Japanese artist Itsuko Suzuki. I like her childlike painting style, her perspective and the use of pretty flat colours all over the place. Via the insatiable art monster that is Booooooom.

Mia Christopher

Look at this cute and energetic work from Mia Christopher! That second piece is called ‘Rabbits That Are Dancing or Boxing’, I love it! She works with a lot of different materials, but her style stays true. I enjoy that she’s not restricting herself, she’s an explorer with imagination. Read an interview with her here and visit more of her whimsical folk-ish art her flickr. Found via Seesaw.