All the Fun: Dumb Ways to Die

This sweet animated video shows you dumb ways to die and featurs the cutest cartoon dancing since Charlie Brown. The way this is animated is also so perfect, and charming, and cute. They’re all loveable dumb dumbs!

Happy Monday!

(Video: Dumb ways to die)


Energetic Nights

Tonight I’m looking forward to a warm dinner with some good friends. I’d love to wear the above outfit with that sculpted wood Donna Karen Clutch, but in reality I’ll be getting ready, and dancing around, to this firecracker of a collaboration:

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga – The Lady is a Tramp

Images found via Le Fashion & Lace and Tea.

The Drums

“Everybody’s gotta love someone
But, I just wanna love you, dear
Everybody’s gotta feel something
I just wanna be with you, my dear”

Now ex-pat friend Kitty Wong has turned me onto The Drums. Daaaaaang. I like them a lot.

Check out “Let’s Go Surfing” if you want a song for walking around your room in a wiggly kind of way, and bobbing your head and clapping your hands and throwing in a snap or two… That’s how I dance 80% of the time, and this song is a toe-tapper.