Kohsin Hong

Images by Toronto artist Kohsin Hong. I love the last one, it makes me think of my office and then I laugh out loud at the cubicle politics. Look at that guy who dropped into the laptop with work frustration! We’ve all been there. I want a print of this to frame for my cubicle, and then if the politics get to be too much I can look at that picture and laugh it off.

Working from home today.

Found via BldgWlf.

All Fall Down

‘Bear Face’ by Ben Phe, via Art Sponge. An unbelievably gorgeous Kristen Dunst on the cover of UK Elle. Alexandra Spencer for Stylestalker, via Knight Cat.


A few times a week I fall in love with a new cat via the amazing illustrations featured at Meowdoodle. Artists and graphic designers draw portraits of their cats, attempting to capture each unique kitty personality. I love collaborative projects. And kitties. And portraits. And illustrations. And Meowdoodle.

Images; ‘Holden Catfield (aka Akitten Sane)’ by Sherwin Sullivan Tjia, “Hood Cat” by Keenan Cummings, Captain by Emory Allen, and Sophia by Dan Cassaro.

Mia Christopher

Look at this cute and energetic work from Mia Christopher! That second piece is called ‘Rabbits That Are Dancing or Boxing’, I love it! She works with a lot of different materials, but her style stays true. I enjoy that she’s not restricting herself, she’s an explorer with imagination. Read an interview with her here and visit more of her whimsical folk-ish art her flickr. Found via Seesaw.

It’s in the Strokes

I love seeing the personality of the artist come through in the line work of their drawings. That’s another reason sketchbooks are so exciting. The process, the mistakes, the overlapping ideas… It’s a reminder to experiment and get messy. No one has to see the ugly bits.

Artwork (from top to bottom) created by Jen Collins and Caitlin Shearer and Adara Sánchez Anguiano.