A few times a week I fall in love with a new cat via the amazing illustrations featured at Meowdoodle. Artists and graphic designers draw portraits of their cats, attempting to capture each unique kitty personality. I love collaborative projects. And kitties. And portraits. And illustrations. And Meowdoodle.

Images; ‘Holden Catfield (aka Akitten Sane)’ by Sherwin Sullivan Tjia, “Hood Cat” by Keenan Cummings, Captain by Emory Allen, and Sophia by Dan Cassaro.

Sweet Leek Pie

With leftover turkey from Christmas. Gravy, leeks, puff pastry… thank you Jamie Oliver, it is freaking delicious, the recipes is here at 2:30. I made it with my lovely lady friend Kitty who also took me on my first ever trip to (pricey) Whole Foods. A day of foodie firsts and great leftovers for tomorrow morning. Eat these pictures yo.

I got some sweet new filters for my camera for Christmas, and some other sweet ass stuff. It was a sweet one this year. Anyway, I’m learning to use them. Sweet.

Pleather love

Halloween is coming up and I have always wanted to do the latex cat suit thing, but I will be donning something a little more… conservative this year. Pictures coming soon. And oh yeah, made that dulce de leche and it is SO AMAZING. I gave a rusty can of it (rusty because they said to leave it in water overnight!) to Kitty, a true ‘lactose denial-ist’ and birthday haver. Food karma is the best.

Okay, I should go study for my midterm now. Research class is a must you know!

image via weheartit

Self Promo

So, I’m going to be selfish right now and tell you all to visit my new portfolio site (still under construction!). Only the illustration and photography links work… So yeah, let me know what you think or whatever. Also, you might notice my model/designer/socialite friend Kitty in there about a zillion times. Props and hugs to everyone who helped me out.

Amy Killoran New Yorker
Amy Killoran Flowers
Amy Killoran bubble