This Week’s Pile: Hungry leaders, cheese sauce, and my favorite Illustrator right now.


Happy new year everyone! You can bet that I have a huge list of things ready to check off for this upcoming year. No resolutions (okay, I do want to floss everyday) just 30 achievable one-time events or goals that can have a definitive “check” next to them. Lots of people get too ambitious with their yearly goals, but as long as you can track your successes (and failures) you’ll be able to make progress (or notice when you’re not). My 2018 list is inspired by some of the links below, like painting a mural, donating time to charity, and attempting some of my goals of before I’m ready.

For reading on long commutes to work: Why Leaders Eat Last.
To inspire more murals: Everlane’s 100% Human activation in NYC.
For adding more low-key laughter to your instagram feed: BC dude Hiller Goodspeed with drawings about doing your own thing, good advice, and the biggest wish of everyone I know.
For eating on everything: Vegan cheese sauce. I like to add a bit of smoked paprika and nutmeg to make it a little cheesier. I’ve eaten this sauce on nachos, pizza, and smeared on baked potatoes.
To remember before it’s too late: This Quote from Amy Poehler
To try: This ginger-y herbal cocktail, yum

Ps. This column is named after the newspapers and letters that my step-dad would pile up in the kitchen every week for things he’s ‘going to get to reading soon’ (and saving the comics for me).

Phone link via Daniel Ehrenworth.

This Week’s Pile: Photoshop 1, anti bullying, and hidden phones.

J Crew at Bulova

I always love a ‘behind the scenes’ story… seeing product sketches, inspiration boards toppling with tear-outs, and the history behind things. Photo above is from J Crew’s visit to the NYC watchmaker Bulova headquarters. Below are some links to things you might find interesting. Come back next week for more, mostly design-related, but sometimes funny or practical things I’m reading/seeing. Ps. This column is named after the newspapers and letters that my step-dad would pile up in the kitchen every week for things he’s ‘going to get to reading soon’ (and saving the comics for me).

For laughs: When it took 25 minutes to make a drop shadow.
For design thoughts: Why Interaction Design does not need to be ‘delightful’.
To make you cry: Kids read ‘Mean Tweets’ about themselves – anti bullying ad by John St.
For meetings: Create a flexible and collaborative space with ‘Sparring’ style meetings.
To try: Communicate better by ignoring your smart phone. – If this is too harsh for you, I recommend just keeping your phone on silent. I never want mine to make noise so it’s been on silent for 5 years (except for morning alarms of course).

Phone link via Cup of Jo.

Scared Stupid

Are you having a tough day? (Me too)

(Let’s do this list together and maybe it won’t be the worst)

1. Hear the encouraging things people are saying to you.
2. Try to think nice things.
3. Watch YouTube videos of cows that like jazz and good covers of Robyn.
3. Feel slightly better (which is better than not).
4. Freak out anyway because that just must happen.
5. Try, try again

Good luck! (Wish me luck too)

Image by Ben Barry, video by Notebook Babies.

Monday I don’t care about you


THIS Monday is not so awesome, SO here is a little list of some things I like.

– Cool ranch Doritos (for dinner today)
– My new smartphone (where I am writing this from)
– Future plans (because even if you are cancelled later, I can still look forward to you now)
– Vegetables in the fridge (because i’mma eat you)
– The pink stained fingers and dedication needed to eat a pomegranate.

And one dislike to balance things:
– ‘Rekorderlig’ beer packaging. You seemed delicious and refreshing, but the beer inside of you is not.

That’s my photo yo. That’s my fridge.

Make it work


I am staring down the business end of my ‘thesis’ year end project and procrastinating myself into a hole. I made a really awesome colour coordinated list and calendar chart to keep myself on track. Today is day 2 of the last 10 days left to complete this odyssey. I’m hoping after this last bit of putting it off, that I will finish my tasks for today. It’s not too daunting day by day, but when things pile up, it is scary beyond belief.

I keep thinking that saying ‘I’m wasting time’ out loud will make me work harder.

I am very scared to have the finished products shown to family, friends, classmates and professionals… I just don’t want it to be shit!


Should get back to work now.

Ps. Thanks for listening to my personal pep-talk. Here’s a picture! (postcard by me)


I mentioned earlier that Christmas was very good to me this year. Santa baby gave me what I hope is the beginnings of a well used and loved collection of cooking things. In my quest to start eating better and cooking more adventurously (and often) I realized I was missing a few essential (read: basic) tools and so, thank you everyone, here are some of the wondrous newcomers to my kitchen:

-a MICROPLANER! (Sorry, just got it yesterday, still really excited)
-a wooden cutting board
-an immersion blender
-wine glasses (yes it’s true, I was drinking wine out of mugs and juice cups before now)
-some storage canisters to keep the delicious away from the pests
-knives (from the dollar store, but more useful than our butter-knives)

I have already made potato leek soup with the leftovers from that pie, this hummus (except the store was out of every brand of cumin! wtf!), drank some wine, stored some shit, and cut some stuff. I love having toys to play with.