A few times a week I fall in love with a new cat via the amazing illustrations featured at Meowdoodle. Artists and graphic designers draw portraits of their cats, attempting to capture each unique kitty personality. I love collaborative projects. And kitties. And portraits. And illustrations. And Meowdoodle.

Images; ‘Holden Catfield (aka Akitten Sane)’ by Sherwin Sullivan Tjia, “Hood Cat” by Keenan Cummings, Captain by Emory Allen, and Sophia by Dan Cassaro.

A Sunday Kind

The thing I like most about this song is that it is sung out to no one in particular. It’s a matter-of-fact ‘this is what I want’ and I’m putting it out there ballad. You can hear an optimism and hopefulness here that is often drowned out when a love song is directed at that one person they’re pining for.

And ain’t she pretty.

Beth Rowley – A Sunday Kind Of Love (from the soundtrack of An Education)

The Drums

“Everybody’s gotta love someone
But, I just wanna love you, dear
Everybody’s gotta feel something
I just wanna be with you, my dear”

Now ex-pat friend Kitty Wong has turned me onto The Drums. Daaaaaang. I like them a lot.

Check out “Let’s Go Surfing” if you want a song for walking around your room in a wiggly kind of way, and bobbing your head and clapping your hands and throwing in a snap or two… That’s how I dance 80% of the time, and this song is a toe-tapper.