The Office Gift Guide – For your awesome intern

Ok Goods Gift Guide for your awesome intern



You’ve spent months mentoring and working with a young talent, and sadly you don’t have the best gift they could ask for, a job. So in lieu of a full-time contract, here is a list of things they can use to help them land their dream gig, or just to say thank you and GO GET EM.

1. A real and amazing reference letter or even a LinkedIn recommendation will be useful for years to come, and even better, it will boost their confidence for interviews and they’ll remember your supportive words at all the awkward networking events when they are building up the guts to talk to someone. (And before they leave, please look over their resume and portfolio to make sure they’ve put all the hard work they’ve done with your company into use and the world can see it)!

2. Holding a physical printed magazine in your hands is a pleasing in a way that digital can never top, and it’s also one of those things that most people can’t justify for themselves when on a tight budget. Give them a year (or two!) of industry inspiration and aspirational articles to read through and pile on their shelves.

3. Some say gift cards are a “no no”, but there’s a catch with this one… Load up a coffee shop gift card and present it with a suggestion to only buy coffee for others. You never know where a coffee meeting will lead them! If they really just want a card for the mall or amazon, I’m not against that either! This gift is meant to say ‘thank you’ after all, so don’t feel pressured to put rules on it.

4. Getting started in your career can be a tricky and expensive time. You need decent interview clothes, have student loans about to come due, and probably financing a laptop to help you with freelance work on the side! Even though there are free networking sites and social media channels for self-promotion there are some classic ‘work things’ that will help them feel more like a young professional and less ‘imposter‘. Try funding an industry membership, website hosting, or some fancy business cards (or stickers!) that they create with a template.

5. Celebrate the end of the internship by growing their liquor cabinet with a bottle of something dressed in a witty label. Add a book of cocktail recipes or a decorative bottle opener just for fun.

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A little bit


It’s been a crazy week. In honor of it being done here are a few ways I am celebrating right now… well not number three… yet

1. Buying lots of pretty magazines like this October 2009 Australian Vogue (holy shipping delay!), and the new Elle and Elle Canada. I really like Elle, it’s just… grown on me so much. Plus the creative director Joe Zee is a fav and is everywhere all at once. Check out his great NY Diet post and then spend another 2 hours reading about what people eat in New York.

2. Downloading free fonts from Font Fabric and dafont.

3. Buying and popping champagne (aka $12 Spumante Bambino, watch an aweful/hilarious commercial here). Even the cheapest kind is packaged in a way that makes you feel like a million bucks. Gold foil anyone? Image from weheartit.

Tomorrow, themes and props I love in photoshoots: a list! (Next semester has me thinking a lot about it since I will be art directing a shoot for a double page spread (featuring a Ryerson fashion design grad) that has about a 1 in 20 chance at being published in Flare Magazine. I am so excited.

I also want to eat this picture it is so freaking good.