In Neutral

Look at these handsome specimens of humanity! Today I’m going to try and embody some of their natural ease.

Today is also trying to figure out how to live happily in that sweet spot, that spot where things are good and comfortable and lively. Does this make sense? I think I’m just feeling a little ‘blue’ lately, though I shouldn’t be… because that sweet spot is right here!

So happy Friday! I’ll send you off to your weekend with a photo that made me laugh.

Top images from The Sartorialist & Scotch & Soda (via Garcon).

Nacho Nacho Man Photo by KrisAtomic (Who creates amazing illustrations AND photographs).


Hot tail

How do you get hair so long, or a voice so lovely?

It’s raining and dreary here in Toronto. I’m getting by on peanut butter and granny smith apples and visits from worldly friends. There are new green things outside! They get greener and bigger everyday! Hey springtime, I’ve missed you!!!

Images found via Dirty Pretty Things and Once Youth. The song is ‘You’re the One That I Want’ covered by Angus and Julia Stone.

Camp Funtime

This weekend I am going to catch up on some sleep… and also have a pre-birthday party… Not sure that those two go together.

During Mardi Gras last week I had made a ‘recession piñata’* at the office but we forgot to use it so I’m bringing it home to hang up to hopefully then be destroyed/eaten on Saturday. Right now I am eating a Blue Raspberry ring pop that I took from the loot before stuffing it. I’m greedy like that.

In other news: I can sort of whistle now (this is BIG BIG NEWS, for me)! I have to pretend that I am blowing on a make-up brush for it to work, but gosh darn-it it works!

Have a great weekend!

Sidenote: we should start using ‘camp funtime’ as some kind of euphemism. As in, “Hey, what did you and Molly get up to this weekend?”, “Not much, just pitched a tent at ‘camp funtime’ and watched The Shawshank Redemption.”

Image of Deborah Harry found posted in Arcade Agency’s News section. Yonge Street Subway Station, 1966, image from the Toronto Archives, via Blog TO.

*A Recession Piñata: is when you make a piñata out of the most basic supplies available. My version was two pieces of paper stapled together to create a sort of pouch which was then reinforced with more paper and more staples, then hung with a string.

A light fire

Like a sticky sweet breeze during a hot summer afternoon; these images stir something up in me. I hate the idea of ‘too much of a good thing’, absolutely hate it. Also, happy ‘Ides of March’ everyone.

First image from Stefan Giftthaler’s seriously beautiful series Night Light. I had trouble choosing just one shot.

Second image is a still from the Viva ‘Fire’ by Umeric.

(Don’t hate me for maybe wrongly using a semicolon, I’ll figure it out one day)