The Drums

“Everybody’s gotta love someone
But, I just wanna love you, dear
Everybody’s gotta feel something
I just wanna be with you, my dear”

Now ex-pat friend Kitty Wong has turned me onto The Drums. Daaaaaang. I like them a lot.

Check out “Let’s Go Surfing” if you want a song for walking around your room in a wiggly kind of way, and bobbing your head and clapping your hands and throwing in a snap or two… That’s how I dance 80% of the time, and this song is a toe-tapper.

The luxury of being touched

“You can go for weeks without touching another human being. Sure, there’s the occasional brush of the shoulder on a city street, or the brief jolt of an elbow at a crowded show. Those are accidents. But actively being touched, or actively touching somebody else: this is not a regular occurrence. Go without for long enough, and you might forget you’re missing anything. Of course, you feel an inexplicable, mild loneliness—but you can’t put your finger on its cause (pun intended).

Occasionally you’ll find somebody who reminds you that perhaps it’s worth it to risk your shelled safety. You’ll allow yourself the luxury of being touched, and the happiness of touching. Here I refer not to the sexual, but to the sweet and gentle: a kiss, the light scent of someone else’s skin. And then, suddenly and unexpectedly, it’ll be gone, and you’ll have to learn to forget.”

Stolen straight from The Puritan Impulse via YouMightFindYourself. Too true not to re-post.

Fresh Influence

Sitting at home sick, watching this video, thinking about chicken noodle soup and streams of influence and culture. I like this. A lot.

R+I Creative made this. Found via The Puritan Impulse.

Pleather love

Halloween is coming up and I have always wanted to do the latex cat suit thing, but I will be donning something a little more… conservative this year. Pictures coming soon. And oh yeah, made that dulce de leche and it is SO AMAZING. I gave a rusty can of it (rusty because they said to leave it in water overnight!) to Kitty, a true ‘lactose denial-ist’ and birthday haver. Food karma is the best.

Okay, I should go study for my midterm now. Research class is a must you know!

image via weheartit

Self Promo

So, I’m going to be selfish right now and tell you all to visit my new portfolio site (still under construction!). Only the illustration and photography links work… So yeah, let me know what you think or whatever. Also, you might notice my model/designer/socialite friend Kitty in there about a zillion times. Props and hugs to everyone who helped me out.

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Amy Killoran Flowers
Amy Killoran bubble