Whoa, whoa, WHOA. Does anyone know where to get these earrings? They are so dramatic and draped and perfect for my healed-over lobes.

A great holiday gift for myself? I think so.

Via The Sartorialist.


In Neutral

Look at these handsome specimens of humanity! Today I’m going to try and embody some of their natural ease.

Today is also trying to figure out how to live happily in that sweet spot, that spot where things are good and comfortable and lively. Does this make sense? I think I’m just feeling a little ‘blue’ lately, though I shouldn’t be… because that sweet spot is right here!

So happy Friday! I’ll send you off to your weekend with a photo that made me laugh.

Top images from The Sartorialist & Scotch & Soda (via Garcon).

Nacho Nacho Man Photo by KrisAtomic (Who creates amazing illustrations AND photographs).

To weather the weather

It’s brutally frigid outside. But I want to dress like this,

Ah summer… Anyway, since mini skirts in a Canadian Winter is not possible (for me anyway), I will strive to have this woman’s cute practicality when I layer up before my death from frostbite. I’m on the lookout for crazy-warm, crazy-flattering winter coats. Let me know if you see one… Pictures from The Sartorialist.