The Grindstone – 4

Mango 2013

This look reminds me of a school uniform, which is a refreshing idea when you’re used to wasting energy in the morning trying to put together a look for work. I loved reading about what it’s like to wear the same thing to work every single day, and am putting pieces of that idea into effect in my own routine. My personal uniform is most definitely pants, a collared shirt, and a second layer to keep me warm in the fluctuating temperatures of an open-concept office, though I’m still working my way to that ‘effortless choice’ of outfit in the morning.

The key to this polished tomboy look is the slim and tailored silhouette, and crisp details. Now that we’ve dipped below zero I won’t tell anyone when you switch into your patent leather oxfords and out of your waterproof commuter winter boots, because sometimes we just have to be practical and not risk the shoe-ruining, toe-freezing cold weather, so we suck it up and switch out our shoes at work. Practicality wins, in this outfit, and during my commute.

Image from Mango Fall ’13 via Fashion Gone Rogue.

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Bang Bang

There are a lot of not-so-great fashion film editorials floating around, so when I stumbled across one this good I had to share it.

Delicious. Dreamy. Subtle. I definitely want more. She’s so causal, almost too causal. And every time they stop, and there is that stare straight into the camera… “Bang bang, my baby shot me down” … I love that this creative team got the feeling of romance and heartbreak and isolation and mystery into a shoot using so few elements.

‘The Wanderer’ from One Teaspoon via KnightCat. (Bicyclette is obsessed too, it’s so good).

To weather the weather

It’s brutally frigid outside. But I want to dress like this,

Ah summer… Anyway, since mini skirts in a Canadian Winter is not possible (for me anyway), I will strive to have this woman’s cute practicality when I layer up before my death from frostbite. I’m on the lookout for crazy-warm, crazy-flattering winter coats. Let me know if you see one… Pictures from The Sartorialist.