Gift Guide: The Hibernating Stylist

(Hi! I decided to share my holiday ‘Wish List’ this year, and it morphed into a gift guide for some very stylish women. I’m the kind of person who ends up buying presents for myself while shopping for others… and so this year (to save cash and stave off guilt), I’ll be sharing all of my favorite things here!)

This gift guide is for the kind of girl who likes to curl up and watch a movie with wine, friends and homemade baked goods. Here are some cozy things to make her time spent indoors more warm and fuzzy. Home is where the heat is.

1. The appropriately named Dream Cardigan. $98

2. The best looking lounging pants I’ve ever seen. (Currently in my online shopping cart). $59.50

3. Faux vintage kitchen timer for all those home made gifts and midnight cookie baking indulgences. $12.89

4. A gorgeous moon print to make the weeks of long winter nights seem like an artful experience. $35

5. My apartment is so cold that I do a hoppy dance called “The-kitchen-tile-is-freezing”. These slippers would be a (cute!) lifesaver. $45.50

6. For those times when venturing outside into the ‘real’ world is absolutely necessary, rubber rain boots c. $165

7. Illustrated branch and love note decal to add sweetness to rental walls. Love this. $40.00

8. An “It’s OK” banner to act as a positive reminder of nice things. $45

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